Who the heck am I?

I am Oskar, I love music, coffee, TV series, good food, drinks and good company. I am bearded, tattooed and have an almost infinite number of jeans and converse. It is almost so you might think that I’m a hipster. However, I’m lousy at baking and although I like to drink a good beer I haven’t got on the idea to brew my own.

I live in Majorna in Gothenburg together with Katarina and our daughter Betty was born in 2015.

When I’m not travelling I do enjoy good evenings with board games or maybe a pub quiz.


I love weddings as you might imagine. Actually all sorts but sometimes there are that extra thing makes me go WOOOOO! Exactly what the secret ingredient is vary, but the common thing is, I think, that the wedding is personal and with a lots of love. Of course I like to go to fantastic environments, the sea, lakes, meadows, forests. And not too much rain. But 2 persons and lots of love. That’s they key.

If you’re thinking about hireing me, then I think it’s important that we get along together. So, why not be meet and talk a bit. Either analog on a cafe or digitally on skype.

You can drink Coffee. Or a beer.

I’m easy to get in touch with. Just send me an email or give me a call.

Oskar Allerby
T: +46 707-785443

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/allerbyphoto
Instagram: @allerby_photo